For 2nd Floor Rear, itsa_pony! will be hosting the festival’s final hurrah, an all morning long drop-in breakfast. Menu items will change over the course of the morning. Here’s a little ditty I wrote about it:

Whether you are in your PJ’s or last night’s party dress, forestall the morning-after walk of shame and come on over to my house between 6am and noon, where I will be serving a hair of the dog, hangover breakfast essentials, and post-festival gossip all morning long. Donation suggested.

General schedule:

6am-7am: Continental breakfast. Puffy-eyed host will hover over cup of coffee and glare at anyone who has had the nerve to show up at her house that early, even though they were explicitly invited to do so. Guests will receive an orange and Cocoa Pebbles, or some equivalent, and sous chef duties.

7am-8:30am: Baking commences. I’m thinking 3 varieties of muffins.

8:30am-10am: Make and serve breakfast food other than baked goods. I’m thinking breakfast tacos. Eggs. Sausage might make an appearance. Biscuits?

10am-noon: Cocktail hour and nam-nams. This is also the part where I give up on hosting, make a pillow nest in the middle of the room, lay down and make someone else do all the work.

Noon-on: Siesta.

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